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Internet audio listeners also make a lot of money, meaning they’d make a great investment for your advertising dollars. According to the numbers, 51 percent are married, 64 percent own their own home, 42 percent have children, and 22 percent make more than $100,000 per year in household income. Jackpot.

Other interesting stats from the study:

    28 percent of people use tablets for Internet radio (up 87 percent from 15 percent last year)
    48 percent spent more time this year listening to Internet radio on a tablet
    54 percent use Internet radios built into their car
    32 percent use  a portable Internet radio player with apps built into it
    15 percent manually connect a smartphone or tablet into their car’s stereo system
    35 percent link their Internet radio listening to a social network
    32 percent like seeing music listening habits from friends on social networks
    27 percent have Liked people to see their listening habits on a social network (Facebook)
    67 percent continually look at their Internet radio player to check the name of a song or artist

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